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WBGA Membership Application

Membership in the Wisconsin Berry Growers Association is open to anyone who has an interested in growing and marketing strawberries, raspberries, and/or blueberries.  Our membership is made up of large commercial growers and backyard hobbyists alike.


We sponsor activities to keep our members informed of the latest in production and growing techniques.  The WBGA publishes a newsletter, fresh Magazine, six times a year and, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Extension, hosts an annual fruit and vegetable conference and trade show, a summer field day, and an advanced berry school.

In addition to educational activities, WBGA hosts a booth at the Wisconsin State Fair to raise money and promote berry consumption.  Through this activity we are proud to boast that in each of the past three years, WBGA donated more than $3,000 to strawberry and raspberry research in Wisconsin.  We also promote our growers through brochures, the annual berry recipe contest, and through this website.

Many voices carry more weight than one.  Association membership is an effective way to voice concerns to legislators and various government agencies to promote the industry. To sum it up, WBGA is the voice for berry growers in Wisconsin's legislative, educational, agricultural and research activities.

WBGA dues are $75 per year, plus $11 for each bearing acre of fruit.  (Maximum dues of $250.)  Often the farm address and berry hot-line numbers are different from the regular business contact information.  For that reason, complete the entire membership application carefully.

For More Information, contact:

Wisconsin Berry Growers Association
211 Canal Rd.
Waterloo, WI  53594
(920) 478-3852
(920)478-9586 - Fax
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